The Unknown Poet

History has a habit of repeating its major themes until we’ve moved beyond the lesson to be learned.  The diametric, polarizing forces at play today were also very active a hundred of years ago all over the world.  In western lands, we had the rise of authoritarianism, fascism, genocide on one hand and altruism, spiritualism, and unity on the other.  Like it or not, we are evolving as a people by devolving as a nation.  As individuals, we are being called to awaken to the collective injustices we continue to perpetuate by being passively quiescent and are being asked to act.  The question is how.  The answer is in our thinking.


I would like to start a virtual movement #thoughtsmatter but would rightfully get pinioned in the public pillory for doing so, with people perceiving it a slight to existing ones like #blacklivesmatter (plus the hashtag has already been hashed by a fellow believer in thoughts’ power).  So, instead, I started the unknown and, as already stated, unknowingly at that. Within this impulse, life’s seemingly inescapable dualities/polarities already have arisen and it’s at only at its incipient stages of development.  


The issue is between thought and thinker; creation and creator; act and actor; product and producer, otherwise referred to as the Bill Cosby-Michael Jackson-Harvey Weinstein conundrum. I want this site to house the best of others’ thoughts on thinking, regardless of renown.  I’d actually prefer everyone to stay an Unknown.  But we can’t, especially in the age of Social Media, nor should we.  What we think—or say we do—should reflect who we are in the world.  When our being’s don’t jive with our aspirations, it’s time for some spiritual perspiration, meaning introspection on the intent of our thoughts, words and deeds, not what we want others to believe we are when we’re something quite else.


So, I’m not as sure of the what’s, how’s, who’s, and when’s of The  Unknown and it’s evolution as I am of the why’s. More on where we go from here in forthcoming posts.  My name is—currently—Unknown (#1024), and I approve this message.  Peace.


Below are the two poems that started it all. 


America is known as the “Great Experiment.”
More like the Great Excrement, a giant pile
Of White Man’s fecal matter manuring
The sacred ground of its “indigenous peoples”
With the brow sweat of the brow beaten
Brown folk we shipped in from Africa...


When you choose to change what you chose to be

Years of tears, hurt, pain and suffering ago,

Don't be surprised by the look in the eyes

Of the one’s you figuratively killed

With the intent of your literal words

Lacerating their hearts, stabbing their souls,...

The Unknown Poet