A Weapon That Needs Its Sheath

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Is it really too much to ask 

Any and all to wear a mask?

We know that in every breath

Of all any and all, lurks death,

The inspiration and ex

Transmitting disease like sex

Without any of its pleasures,

Beyond all control measures,

But washing hands and protecting

Self and others from projecting

The viral particles that kill

People deemed “higher risk,” at will,

The ones pre-disposed to neglect

Who do not get their due respect

From a world colored black or white,

Man’s true tincture hidden from sight,

Except to those in their right mind

Who see life a chance to be kind.

Is it really too much to ask 

Any and all to wear a mask?

The idea that freedom means

We can do whatever we want

And lead our lives like Kings and Queens

Goes way beyond the nonchalant.

We risk killing someone’s mother

When we unmask our breath and breathe

That which we now need to smother,

Like a weapon that needs its sheath.

Is it really too much to ask

Any and all to wear a mask?


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