Be The Ghandi

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

I want to protest 

social unrest,

when there’s feet

on the street

but no mind 

you can find

that can articulate 

nothin’ but hate,

that has uncaged 

it’s righteous rage,

for change we can no longer wait.

It’s high time 

that we see crime

as the source 

of white force,

as an attack 

on the black.

Until we can abate 

if not eradicate

injustices done 

to any mother’s son,

for change we can no longer wait.

We need to start 

with a search of our heart

how we treat 

everyone we meet.

Until we can find 

the peace of mind

to begin to eradicate 

base emotions like hate,

to learn that from above 

streams the light of love.

For change we can no longer wait.


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