The Heart of The Matter

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

My malfunctioning heart was diagnosed 

As mechanically manic, ablatable,

The procedure invasive was more than

Persuasive in fixing electrical

Misfires, firing at spots dysfunctional.

The left ventricle, asymmetrical,

Was now the pressing concern, not pressing

Enough blood through veins “virtually clear”

Its ejection fraction just a fraction

Of what it should be, the modus action

Practiced by modern medics could not heal.

So I turned to that which does—Divine Light—

Through mantras, meditation, “letting go”,

Opening to, no longer closing off

To past failures thereby denying Self

And others a path by which to move on.

Small mind lives in the not now of future,

And the memory of past, both poor dwellings

In which to invite Celestial Guests

For helping us help ourselves and to trust

Big Mind, which lives in the not then, only

The NOW, by seeing beyond perception,

Perceiving that which is in the plain sight

Of those who train themselves to be seers.

We have the abilities to self heal

Yet relinquish our authority

To those trained in bodily mechanics

That believe in only what they can see

And can see only that which they believe.

My doctor thinks my heart’s “a miracle”,

My beats in rhythm, my pump pumping fine.

He links the change to a number of things—

Medications, exercise, lifestyle, time—

But I know in my “heart of hearts”, my heart

Had closed to the wonders and joys of life,

My “insurmountable biographics”

Derailing me from my life’s true purpose:

To only connect, with others be one,

To heal the open wounds of hate with Love.


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