Updated: Jul 7, 2020

When Words Mean Nothing, You Can Say (and Do) Anything

He is a terrorist of the truth.

There is little need for further proof,

Than he cheats on his wives as well as at golf.

He throws around falsehoods like Molotov’s.

There are over 28 000 pages of evidence

That he deserves a more permanent state residence.

Yet instead of getting his rightful removal

He gets a spike in his ratings approval.

To in fealty follow, one must wholly swallow

The bald-face, outrageous, outright lies

That make the size of his ties seem normalized.

He takes credit for everything including rising stocks,

Has his unreal reality affirmed by his friends at FOX.

I distrust all of his guys—as well as his very few gals—

Anyone who has Manafort and Guilliani as pals


Then there’s his best buddy Vlad….

Our fate will be determined by (2020 Presidential) race,

Where white is right and words do not have to contain a trace

Of truth, of facts, of anything you can value at its face.

He’ll make everything a sham, everyone he’ll shame,

Since it is all about winning the ratings game

And “we the people” have only ourselves to blame.

What we have lost comes at an unimaginable cost:

The renting of both our houses’ once secure roofs,

Good will towards men and allegiance to the truth.


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