The Apprentice President

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

(Best read listening to GS-H’s classic “B-Movie“)

This. Song is in honor of Gil Scot-Heron

But since I’ve stopped swearing,

The first thing I wanna say is

Total exoneration my posterior.

Because it seems that we’ve been Barred

From ever seeing the facts, no matter how hard,

And that a 4 page excuse for a final conclusion

Is just more evidence of obstruction and collusion

Yeah, I remember, in this the era  of the Mara Largo resort

From where puttin’ Putin frequently disparaged the Mueller report,

I remember what I said about the Donald—

Meant it.  Said he’d be  worse than Reagan Ronald

That B-movie bed time for Bonzo  bit actor—

Said he’d  Abnormalize norms, he’d use it as  his x-factor,

For ratings, not facts, let alone truth, rule his daze

Of Neo-Narcissism which only adoration craves.

What has happened is that in the past 20 years

Republicans have been stoking its bases’ base fears

Flaming what many thought were racism’s’ dying embers

Into conflagrations that ignited Klu-Klux-Clan members

And others who have chosen to hate rather than to love

Because in reality tv, it’s ratings that rate all else above.

We’re all Apprentices in this I suppose….

No one should be surprised by the way this country looks,

We’ve relinquished our freedoms to a bunch of crooks

Who dissemble, lie, cheat, steal,

The artifice behind their art of the deal.

We don’t know if the Price is Right

But for nostalgia, for yesterday, we’re willing to fight,

Especially to make, once again, America white.

So, come with me, back to the future,

Where a stitch in time is a suture

Sewing us all to an inglorious past

Where we are charter members of the Apprentice cast.

In reality tv, fair 

Is  beyond square,

It’s all about being mean, 

making the scene

Larger than life, 

although it’s rife

With the deception 

Of perception

Where facts and fiction 

Fit the same description

Of “fake news”

Where we  all lose

Our sense of reality, 

To reality tv..

The producer, underwritten by Vladimir Putin,

Is hand in-the-jar Jared, always looking to be lootin’

The Director, a Con-a-way from Jail, Kelly-Anne

Who according to her Agent Orange, can’t control her man

The script, an adaptation of the report Mueller,

But unlike Billy-Boy Barr’s version, a tad fuller.

The music will be faced—by Michael Jackson and the Pedophiles—

Change the man in the mirror’s image by changing your style.

The tune has been changed from that old Shakespearean rag:

Now appearance IS reality as long as it has a catchy hash tag.

[Man in Mirror Melody]

Gonna tell ‘em to keep the change

Gonna keep selfishly living my life,

Like Donald Trump, I’m gonna hump,  

But not with my pregnant wife…..

…I’m ending with the man in the mirror

And for a narcissist there’s no better place to start

When words mean nothing and nothing is clearer 

Than that Trump is the creation of Bannon’s  Breitbart 

[back to Realitv beat]

Tis a theme song for selling alternative facts

And on the “real truth” making attacks

So that lies seem more than made for tv real

Like the tax cut for the wealthy was for us a great deal

Trump opens up his mouth and out pops a lie,

Such as if we don’t build a wall we’re all gonna die

Or, that Michael Flynn was such a homey

He had to fire that “Nut Job” James Comey.

Pinnochio proof that man is

On Fox and Friends he’s a downright Wiz

And who can forget let alone forgive  the daily insanity

Of his Mueller hating minion Sean Hannity?

We sure are making America Great Again!

By letting the rooster molest the hen,

Though one proved kind of costly, a $130,000 “loan”

To his trusted lackey-fixer Michael Cohen.

Yet the hits keep coming from his NRA backed MAGA-zine

With policies that if not evil are certainly mean

Like separating families and repealing health care

Kinda makes you wonder how Republicans dare.

But dare they do since it’s just a tv show

Of power, greed, white male ego,

For what do facts matter

When your reality is Trump’s  latest Twitter patter?

For as the ratings go, 

So goes the money

Follow it from Russia to Mara-Largo

And you’re sure to smell something funny.

Trump plays victim, says he’s being deep-state hounded,

But if you look at the character of the character’s by which he’s surrounded

It’s easy to see the wisdom within that old adage about birds of a feather

Like him, they’ve allowed themselves from reality to be untethered.

Many Republicans in the congress have hit the road

Either by being voted out or by being a toad

Like that tax-cuts for the rich guy guy Paul Ryan

A plastic fantastic version of Trump and all his lyin’.

And that is what we must realize, 

That it’s in the lies

Wherein lies the truth

And if we want proof

Just listen closely to Trump’s accusations

They are mirrors of his personal nation--

He’s the crook, he’s the liar, he’s the (Putin) pawn--

It’s so tv-ish, predictable, makes me want to  yawn.

And as a nation

We want tittilation

Whether its braless or not

As long as it entertains

We don’t have to use our brains

And we can let this country go to rot.

So, I just keep repeatin’

That Trump, in Hillary defeating,

Has done something no one else could do:

For the days and ways of Ronald Reagan I now rue. 

For this….

Ain’t nothin but lies

Ain’t nothin but lies

Ain’t nothing but RE AL I Tv

[in background a cacophony of Trymp’s greatest hits, from Mexico paying for his wall 

to knowing nothing about the Storm with racist statements—like

“there’s good people on both sides”]


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