Our Unnatural Monument

Updated: Jul 8

Back in the day when the U.S. of A.

Was a place that you’d want to be,

My older sister told her youngest brother,

Prior to family tripping out west,

To see Nature at its best—

Destination Disney—

That a site we’d see along the way

In “one of them there Dakotas”

In the iconically 

If not ironically

Named Black Hills

Was in actuality 

Not a man made work of art

Blasted into the granite face of a Mount,

But a “natural rock formation” 

Presaging “our great nation”’s birth,

Growth, development and preservation.

To which my younger brother responded:


Returning to peruse yet another adventure

Of Archie and his gang.

Those four faces of “our great nation”

Weren’t actually predestined to preside

Over its acts of slavery, rape and genocide

But were chosen to be frozen

By an artist with similar proclivities 

To white-wash abuses 

On their fellow citizen’s’ liberties,

All having embraced, to varying degrees,

Not embracing non-white lives,

Unless expediency dictated otherwise.

But, in a sense my sister’s conceit of deceit

Is as true as the lies told today

About who we are and should be

By a morbidly obese 

White housed autocrat

Unfit not just for his office

But for fitting into anything

Resembling a just society

Where no one one is greater

Than the sum of all our one’s

And where all to service strive.



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©2020 by The Unknown Poet.