Unto Me

We who develop the developments 

For Developmentally Disabled

Concern ourselves with the continuum 

Of care we daily strive to provide God’s 

Most vulnerable, but it will be they who

Provide us Caregivers with what we’ll need

When we disembody and our Spirit

Ascends back to whence it came to review

Our recent incarnation in a snap 

Of a shot of our physical, verbal 

And mental actions that can’t be erased,

Of our life’s essence, the ultimate “IT”

Within the “It is what it is”mantra

We utter without ever knowing,

Without ever closely examining,

What the IT of our is is because we

Rarely heed the Universal Whispers

That only the open hearted have ears

To hear, hands to heal and minds to observe.

For it’s in the observation of others 

That we truly see ourselves reflected.

It is as if these souls that we serve chose

To genuflect when (re)incarnating,

Offering their lives as a sacrifice 

Of self for others’ Selves to develop,

To heal, to overcome the base emotions

Which are so difficult to ignore,

To stave off, to subdue, to “let go,”

So we only focus on the presents’

Presence, letting the past and future live

Where they should:  in the hands of Divine Mind,

 So that we are free to live in the NOW,

To perform acts of loving kindnesses

With hearts, hands and heads that are synchronized 

To the Karmic Law of whatsoever

We do to the least of our brethren

That we do unto the Christ child within. 



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©2020 by The Unknown Poet.