Who Are You?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

My father had an expression

He learned from the Depression

(Being a product of his age),

That made him seem prescient, almost a sage:

You are for whom you vote, so don’t

Support someone who won’t

Protect happinesses pursuit, your liberty, or who will life abort.

To which his pro-choice wife chose to retort

That only the choice of choice was worth defending.

But now, in today’s world where populists are pretending

To represent the most downtrodden of the masses—

The white, faceless, down-trodden lower-middle classes—

Masking their misogyny and hate for all other

Under the flag of being their non-big brother brother

With arms that kill at the press of a trigger

And knees that’ll kneel on the neck of a ______,

We are now in a state of such Amazing Disgrace

That even my one issue voting dad would embrace

Making character the matter paramount,

That supporting a fact denying, truth defying no-account

Trumps his right to life rule while affirming his infamous quote:

“You are for whom you vote.”

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