Within and Without

Can we ever be free

from the tyranny 

of hate towards other

that imprisons us all

within its conscription

into a jurdistiction

without distinction, 

without caring 

if mother

or brother 

of another

is injured beyond harm

by the harm caused

by not caring?

This tyranny exists

from within.

from without.

touch it.

feel it.

smell it.

tell it.

to go away.

that “hate has no home here”

though its roots

shallow, yet wide

in birth and berth,

intertwining with its own,

fusing into a gnarled mass

of mass antipathy

that grows

into movements

more massive 

than giant redwood trees.

Within these

massive masses

unchained emotions

are unleashed

against past

and future wrongs,

without which

tyranny can’t exist,

within which exists

the very means

by which we

can take hate

by its very roots 

and remove it 

from our gardens,

then heal the soil

we have contaminated

with selfish self interest

by manuring it

with selfish selflessness,

cultivating plants

which yield the fruits

of unconditional love 

for all that the ALL 

has created, 






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©2020 by The Unknown Poet.