Yesterday’s Tomorrow

We are here on this earth for a reason,

To learn from nature within its four seasons,

It’ll teach us everything we need to know

First and foremost:  We reap what we sow.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

Today is yesterday's tomorrow 

But how do we know what we really need?

Our desires have more legs than a million centipedes.

They keep us running, forever after more.

The garden turns to weeds, peace becomes war.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

Today is yesterday's tomorrow

So how do we stop all this killing?

Each and every one of us needs to be willing

To transform the way we think act and speak.

Become strong as one; not remain many yet weak.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

For the face of God is within all creation;

It’s not particular to a particular nation

It’s in the earth, the sea, the sky.

It’s a setting sun.  It’s a newborn’s first cry.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

Will it bring you happiness or sorrow?

I said today is yesterday’s tomorrow…

Oh, if I could.

I really would.

Put my self.

Up on the shelf.


About losing hate.

Open my heart to everything else.

For it’s in the serving

That we’re deserving

Of the light

From up above.

Helping each other

Like sister and brother

On one condition


Yeah, today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

But it’s also tomorrow’s yesterday.

Will you give yourself to life or will you just borrow?

Will you shine your little light on everything you meet along the way?

This little light of mine.  I’m gonna let it shine…….


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